AFH Podcast 11: Into the heart of Mindfulness with Ed Halliwell

Ed is a teacher and writer on Mindfulness and has been sharing this with others during a time where there was little science to back up the amazing claims.  Ed also contributed to one of the most important reports in mindfulness history to develop mindfulness based polices for the UK

It’s the first legal document in the western world to focus on how meditation might be valuable in key policy areas such as education, criminal justice and the first time that mindfulness is being seriously considered by modern western government as a basis for national policy.

Mindfulness is creeping its way into schools, prisons, government, the health system, business etc but imagine it being part of the national curriculum where all students had to practice everyday.  Imagine whole prisons meditating and how amazing this could be to actually rehabilitating inmates, rather than just punish them.   Ed's work is playing a big role in making this happen.