AFH Podcast 14: Museum of Happiness with Shamash Alidina

Shamash is a mindfulness coach, author and speaker.  His books, 'mindfulness at work for Dummies' and 'The mindful way through stress' are testament to his deep understanding of the subject and his desire to help others.  He is also the co-founder of the Museum of Happiness based in Brick Lane and is looking to take it to the next level via crowd funding.  All details about the museum and Shamash can be found at and 

AFH Podcast 11: Into the heart of Mindfulness with Ed Halliwell

Ed is a teacher and writer on Mindfulness and has been sharing this with others during a time where there was little science to back up the amazing claims.  Ed also contributed to one of the most important reports in mindfulness history to develop mindfulness based polices for the UK

It’s the first legal document in the western world to focus on how meditation might be valuable in key policy areas such as education, criminal justice and the first time that mindfulness is being seriously considered by modern western government as a basis for national policy.

Mindfulness is creeping its way into schools, prisons, government, the health system, business etc but imagine it being part of the national curriculum where all students had to practice everyday.  Imagine whole prisons meditating and how amazing this could be to actually rehabilitating inmates, rather than just punish them.   Ed's work is playing a big role in making this happen.

Podcast 54: Joy on Demand with Chade-Meng Tan

Chade is almost single handedly responsible for introducing mindfulness corporate-wide at Google, where he worked as an engineer before his role changed in order to focus on bringing joy to employees.  This led him to meet some of the most influential people in the world from President Obama to his Holiness the Dalai Lama.  His latest book, Joy on Demand is helping to inspire and change lives around the world, and is a great guide into the world of Mindfulness and ultimately Happiness.   

We are truly honoured to spend some quality time with Meng and get into his personal journey and his struggles with life and how he overcame some of his biggest challenges. 

 Another Podcast in partnership with the fantastic Action for Happiness charity.

Another Podcast in partnership with the fantastic Action for Happiness charity.

Podcast for Happiness 8: Jon Kabat-Zinn - What matters most in life

Jon Kabat-Zinn is almost single-handedly responsible for introducing Mindfulness into the West.  The mindfulness courses being offered in hospitals, schools, prisons and government are descended from his teachings and research.  He is the reason that my co-host Anh and I meditate and talking with him was the biggest honour I could have ever imagined when embarking on this podcast journey.

Podcast for Happiness 9: The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Dr Willem Kuyken

In this episode we had the privilege of visiting Dr Kuyken  at the Oxford mindfulness centre. We have been interested in the effective use of mindfulness in people with depression and other debilitating illnesses which adversely affects their mentalhealth and happiness, for long time. This was a great opportunity to get some insight into the process from an expert!

Dr Kuyken shared his personal journey and how you manage to unite his own mindfulness practice and

He was very warm and friendly and the conversation flowed. We got the sense that this was a man who genuinely wanted to help others and used expertise to make a difference. It was deeply inspirational and we are most grateful for the opportunity.

We had a wonderful conversation and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.


Podcast for Happiness 5: Mindfulness in Schools with Claire Kelly

We speak with Claire Kelly who oversees the content and training for teachers and students at the Mindfulness in Schools Project.   The work is ground breaking and their research so concrete,  that they have been successful in getting more and more schools to embrace and roll out mindfulness.  This is a great example of being the change you want to see. 

Podcast for Happiness 3: Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness for Dummies, with Jo Marshall

We speak with author Jo Marshall about the role mindfulness can play in helping us to understand where Anxiety comes from and what we can do to change our relationship with it.  We also look at the evolutionary roots of Anxiety and discuss some simple exercises people can do to help with this very normal issue.  We first met at an Action for Happiness event and Jo is a big supporter of this charity.  


Podcast for Happiness 2: Mindfulness for Creativity with Dr Danny Penman

Dr Danny Penman is the leading author for Mindfulness in the UK with his best selling books being translated into over 27 languages and being used by many GP's to help their patients cope with anxiety and depression.  He joins Gui with Team Renaissance to talk about Mindfulness and his current book which speaks about using simple exercises to unleash our creative qualities. 

Check out the guided meditations on Danny's website here: