PODCAST 39: Mindfulness-Based Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents. Sam Himelstein talks about his new book.

Team Renaissance with Sam's first book -A Mindfulness-based approach to working with high risk adolescents  

Team Renaissance with Sam's first book -A Mindfulness-based approach to working with high risk adolescents  

Sam Himelstein is the author of two fantastic books on how to use and teach Mindfulness to troubled youth.  He joins Team Renaissance to talk about his journey since leaving the Mind Body Awareness project and about his new book, Mindfulness-based substance abuse treatment for adolescents.  He is a licensed psychologist, an author, trainer, and researcher and is currently a Behavioural Health Clinician at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center. 

Click image to order your copy now

Click image to order your copy now

A former troubled youth himself (listen to podcast 23), Sam explains how his new role allows him to spend more time doing what he is most passionate about in the juvenile prisons, working face to face with the inmates there.  To get a bit of perspective on the trauma suffered by these youth, when asked by Sam how many have witnessed a murder first hand, almost 3/4 raise their hand. What kind of detrimental effect does that have on the human brain?

This is Sam's second podcast with our team and we learn so much from him every time. It's one thing to try and learn this stuff on your own but to make it your life's work to take these important skills and share them with people that need it most is going above and beyond.  To support Sam and the great work that he is doing, check out the following:

-Sam's new website - Centerforadolescentstudies.com  Here you can find out more about the great work Sam is doing, watch his latest videos and get access to free courses and training material.

-Get your hands on a copy of his latest book - click here

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Below is Sam's talk he gave in 2013 where he talks about the key ingredients of what it takes to really get through to the youth that he works with, the 'qualities of the facilitator'.  This is covered in depth in his first book, A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Working with High-Risk Adolescents - Click to Purchase a copy now

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