Podcast 28: The Renaissance Crew - group meditation

Getting back to our roots:  Its been over a year since Team Renaissance had a catch up podcast.  We have had so many wonderful guests that we felt it time for the 3 of us to catch up.

Fran, Ahn and I do a 25 minute guided meditation just before recording the podcast.   It's an amazing video that Sam Harris narrates and is available on Youtube.  If you have not  meditated before, I strongly suggest that you commit to doing the 25 minute exercise and watch how you grow and develop in such a short time frame. 

As soon as you begin to meditate, you will have so many thoughts rushing into your mind such as, this is a waste of time, my back hurts, this is stupid, why am I doing this, what am i going to eat for dinner, I am no good at meditating etc.  The purpose of the exercise is to realise that this is going to happen and to also realise that we have tools to help control how we respond to it.    This is the basis to controlling how you feel in life and will make you feel better if you keep it up.  Scientifically proven to change the shape of your brain!

Anh, Fran and i talk in detail about our internal dialogues during the Meditation on the podcast - it's funny how we all go through similar thought patterns and voices when meditating