Master Ayahuasca and Cannabis Shaman - Hamilton Souther, Podcast 22

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Hamilton, has been learning from Master Shamans deep in the Peruvian Amazon for over a decade.  He sought out Peru to help find answers to the trouble in his life.  His story since then is pretty remarkable and now thousands of like minded people are taking the big leap and are visiting his Blue Morpho Tours, with many finding the happiness and contentment they seek.

Hamilton blesses us with several ceremonial chants during the podcast and he introduces us to the evolution of Hip Hop and house music fusioned with the shamanic beats and melodies.  Fast forward to the times below for the chants and music:

-Icaros chants: 42 mins - Hamilton explains the purpse of the Icaros (invoking the spirits) and gives us a live Ayahuasca and Cannabis chant.

-Shiwawaku:  48mins 30secs - Amazing dance track produced by Hamilton (wait til the beats drops...) 

-Alive: 1hr 25mins- Hip hop alternative to Shamanism - Shamanix, lyrics to chorus by Hamilton



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Master Ayahuasca and Cannabis Shaman - Hamilton Souther, Podcast 22

You may or may not have heard of a South American plant brew called Ayahuasca.  This spiritual plant medicine, made popular in the past few years,  thanks to shows like the Joe Rogan Experience, Lindsay Lohan and Graham Hancock's controversial Ted talk.   It has medicinal claims of curing Cancer, Lime disease, depression, PTSD and meth addiction to name but a few.  Hamilton Souther, has featured in the National Geographic and NY Times, where his explanation of the plant and his incredible journey of finding happiness so great that he is dedicating his life to sharing and teaching it.  He is by far the leading western expert in Ayahuasca and it's ceremonies having lived, studied then mastered this particular area of Shamanism.

Check out this great 3 min video below that really sets the scene and tone for this Podcast.

For more information on trying Ayahusca and becoming more involved, visit:  NEW SINGLE inspired by Cielo Ayahuasca Icaros. This track will take you right back to ceremony or awesome to listen to after a good smoke.  - you will find Hamilton's music here, so please show your support.