The Renaissance Podcast - We have been pursuing this path since 2012 and we have evolved from recording conversations on smart phones, to podcasting with scientists, authors, journalists and thought leaders.  Our topics focus on how to best use our brains to improve Happiness and Mindfulness. 

The Podcast Host, Gui Hung -What a journey its been so far:  -French/Chinese, born in the UK, mother passed away when I was 9 and dad spent some time inside.  My sister and I were fostered into an amazing Trinidadian family for 8 years.  Was living alone at 16 and went through very difficult times. Studied european business at London Guildhall Uni and one of those years was in Paris. Taught English for a year in Inner Mongolia and then another year in Beijing and have since travelled the globe many times over.  

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My Passion -is learning about what matters in Life.  There have been key moments in my learning where my understanding of reality has shifted completely.  Descartes' I think therefore I am, Plato's the Cave, virtual reality and more recently, Mindfulness has shown me that we should always be examining our lives and be prepared to make big changes.  There is a path to happiness that we can build with simple tools in the fascinating laboratory of our own minds.

The benefits of Mindfulness come way before mastery
— Sam Harris -Waking up

The co-host Anh Nguen

Team Renaissance - @floatworks - Isolation Chambers

Team Renaissance - @floatworks - Isolation Chambers

The Action for Happiness Podcasts- We partnered 2 years ago with this amazing charity - Their message to increase happiness in the world aligns with ours and we are so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful team. Click on the image to access our podcasts. 

The goal - Increase global happiness through Mindfulness.

Biggest influences: Joe Rogan/ London Real/ Descartes/ Mindfulness/ Action for Happiness

Update: My co-hosts and friends have helped to take this Podcast to over 50k hits since we began on 12/12/12 and it has allowed us to reach out to people who inspire us. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a seeker of the truth and have loved every episode recorded.